Estate Mediation

Litigation can be a very costly and drawn-out process, and it is not always the best option for resolving disputes.  Mediation can be an attractive alternative to going to court since it offers many benefits that litigation cannot, such as the following:

  • less expense
  • faster resolution
  • confidentiality
  • better preservation of assets
  • broader issue coverage
  • avoidance of additional conflict
  • improves communication
  • higher resolution satisfaction level 

Sharon focuses her mediation practice on situations involving acrimony among family members due to estate planning and administrative contentions.  Many estate disputes are fraught with loss, rivalry and feelings of anger, jealously and greed, and so people of all kinds find it difficult to resolve their estate dispute on their own.  Litigation is more likely to increase any acrimony among family members whereas mediation can help improve lines of communication.  Sharon’s expertise and practical experience in mediation can help facilitate a mutually agreeable resolution for you, no matter the complexity of your dispute.  She utilizes proven strategies that aim at helping you communicate and negotiate in good faith in order to find common-ground and creative solutions.  

Hours of Operation

Mon – Fri:
9am – 5pm