Estate Planning

  • wills
  • powers of attorney
  • all types of trusts, including testamentary trusts (created in your will), inter vivos trusts (created during your lifetime, e.g. Family Trust, Insurance Trust, Alter Ego Trust, Joint Partner Trust, etc.) and Henson Trusts (created for disabled beneficiaries)
  • estate freezes (to pass on future growth in corporate assets to the next generation)
  • capacity issues
  • elder care
  • fiduciary duties of Executors and Trustees

Planning for future uncertainties can be a difficult yet necessary conversation.  Sharon will work with you to understand your goals, objectives and concerns, whether it be in the context of managing your assets during your lifetime, or planning for how you would like to ultimately arrange your affairs for the benefit of your loved ones.  You spend your lifetime looking after your family and working hard to accumulate your wealth, and so it stands to reason that it is equally important to protect your family and assets after your death.

Sharon has a wealth of experience in working with individuals and their families to draft wills and powers of attorney and to set up trusts, both during one’s lifetime and as part of one’s will.  She also often assists in the management of one’s affairs in the event of incompetency.  She has particular experience dealing with Henson Trusts for beneficiaries with disabilities.  In determining which estate planning tools to use to best meet a client’s particular needs, Sharon takes a comprehensive approach to each client’s unique situation and routinely works with other professionals such as accountants and financial planners.

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